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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vervain or Verbena

Verbena is a slender perennial herb, 30-90cm tall, with a woody stalk and several stiffly erect stems. The lower leaves are obovate, deeply divided and stalked, the upper ones lanceolate, slender, sessile and toothed. Tiny blue flowers appear in long slender spikes in the axis of a bract, becoming denser higher up each spike. The fruit comprises four cylindrical nutlets enclosed in the calyx. Verbena is indigenous to England, central and southern Europe, North Africa and Asia, and has been introduced into North America. It grows in waysides and waste places.

Lupinus Plant

Lupinus, commonly known as Lupins or lupines (North America), is a genus in the legume family (Fabaceae). The genus comprises about 280 species (Hughes), with major centers of diversity in South and western North America (Subgen. Platycarpos (Wats.) Kurl.), and the Andes and secondary centers in the Mediterranean region and Africa (Subgen. Lupinus).

My Trip To Dubai

迪拜是一个奇妙的的国家。它已使许多怪异的形状和大小的建筑物。那里的人民从马来西亚人有点不同。但他们都非常有礼貌,大方。我哥哥说,我们是不允许离开成人的任何地方的儿童。我真的很尊重那里的人民。 我是在月球上时,我和我的家人到机场的道路上。我们将在迪拜度过假期。当我们到达机场时,我们说再见我的弟弟和妹妹。我们检查,并等待约半小时。一旦我们登上了飞机,我们把我们的座位和穿着我们的安全带。 我们八个小时抵达阿布扎比,阿联酋的阿布扎比​​国际机场,在飞机上。我们签出,并等待司机到达,给我们带来我哥哥的家在迪拜码头。我们的道路上,约1小时,直到我们达到我们的目的地。我完全高兴地看到我的兄弟,我的嫂嫂和我的侄子。我们解压我们的东西,睡觉去了。 在第一个星期,我的兄弟把我们带到了许多地方,如亚特兰蒂斯水族馆,阿拉伯帆船,逃离市场和迪拜购物中心,世界上最大的商场。第二个星期,我,我的父母,我的兄弟和我的姐妹们逛到迪拜码头附近。我们采取了单轨去迪拜码头购物中心。在第三个星期,我们去阿曼采取了各地的海上乘船。在海中,我看到这么多的山。山的斜坡上,有几个村屋。我也看到了一些与欢乐歌唱不是那么非常漂亮的旋律跳跃的海豚。我什至在大海中游泳。这些经验是令人咋舌! 在第四个星期,我的哥哥参加了晚餐,我们在一个餐厅在这个星球上最高的建筑迪拜塔,。餐厅优雅和豪华。各种食品供应美味!我们观看了水喷泉表演。有音乐,一些人跳舞,优雅和风度。这是一个不平凡的经历。在我们此行的的最后一天,我们去Jumeirah海滩。它是仅一箭之遥离我弟弟的房子。我几乎每天散步有。当它是回家的时候到马来西亚,我们在客厅收拾我们的东西,花了最后一个小时。我们半夜到机场,并在中午到达马来西亚。我哥哥接我们在机场,我们回家。我会永远记得我在迪拜的美妙的体验。

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Vampire Diaries The Return: Shadow Souls

"A second chance? I've spoken to her about it." "She won't remember anything." "It doesn't matter whether she remembers. Everything will remain inside her, if unawakened." "It will germinate inside her... until the time is right." Elena had no idea of what any of it meant. And then this mist was thinning, and clouds were making way for her, and she was drifting down, more and more slowly, until she was deposited gently on a ground covered with pine needles. The voices were gone. She was lying on a forest floor, but she wasn't naked. She was wearing her prettiest nightgown, the one with real Valencienne's lace. She was listening to the tiny night sounds all around her when suddenly her aura reacted in a way that it never had before. It told her someone was coming. Someone who brought a sense of safety in warm earthen hues, in soft rose colours and deep, blue violets that enfolded her even before the person arrived. These were... someone's... feelings about herself. And behind the love and soothing concern she experienced, there were deep forest greens, shafts of warm gold, and a mysterious tinge of translucency, like a waterfall that sparkled as it fell and foamed like diamonds around her. Elena, a voice whispered. Elena. This was so familiar... Elena. Elena. She knew this... Elena, my angel. It meant love.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sifat Allah

Pada cuti penggal kedua yang lalu, murid-murid tahun lima Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Bestari mengadakan lawatan sambil belajar ke Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur. Semasa perjalanan pulang Ustaz Dahlan bertanya, "Apakah perkara yang menarik semasa lawtan tadi?" Fikri menjawab "Saya amat tertarik dengan simulasi helikopter dan proses cari gali di planter minyak. Pada masa itu, saya berasa seolah-olah berada di dalam helikopter dan melawat planter minyak yang sebenar."

Mempertahankan Madinah

Kedudukan Madinah yang terletak di antara Sham dengan Mekah dijadikan sebagai tempat persinggahan para pedagang. Kedudukan yang strategik ini menjadi faktor utama penyebaran Islam. Perkembangan ini membimbangkan kaum musyrikin Mekah. Mereka merancang untuk menyerang Madinah dan meruntuhkan kerajaan yang dibentuk oleh Rasulullah S.A.W. Demi mempertahankan negara Madinah serta kemuliaan Islam dan umatnya, Allah memperintahkan supaya umat Islam bersedia mempertahankan negara mereka walaupun dengan cara berperang. Firman Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala: "Diizinkan berperang bagi orang (Islam) yang diperangi (oleh golongan penceroboh) kerana sesungguhnya mereka telah dianiyai dan sesungguhnya Allah amat berkuasa untuk menolong mereka (mencapai kemenangan).

Monday, September 26, 2011

Night World: Huntress

The fire-hardened end was very pointy. He wouldn't try to use that first, though. first, he would go for disarming her. The simplest way to do this was to break points and nerve centers. He didn't play around at this. A minute change in Morgead's posture alerted her, and they were both moving. He swung his stick up and down in a perfect arc, aiming for her right wrist. Jez blocked easily with her own stick and felt the shock as wood clashed with wood. She instantly changed her grip and tried for a trap, but he whipped his stick out of the way and was facing her again as if he'd never moved in the first place. He smiled at her. He's right. He's gotten better. A small chill went through Jez, and for the first time she worried about her ability to beat him. Because I have to do it without killing him, she thought. She wasn't at all sure he had the same concern about not killing her. "You're so predictable, Morgead," she told him. "I could fight you in my sleep." She feinted toward his wrist and then tried to sweep his legs out from underneath him. He blocked and tried for a trap. "Oh, yeah? And you hit like a four-year-old. You couldn't take me down if I stood here and let you." They circled each other warily. The snakewood stick was warm in Jez's hands. It was funny, some distant partof her mind thought irrelevantly, how the most humble and lowly of human weapons was the most dangerous to vampires. But it was also the most versatile weapon in the world. With a stick, unlike a knife or gun or sword, you could fine-tune the degree of pain and injury you caused. You could disarm and control attackers, and - if the circumstances required it - you could inflict pain without permanently injuring them. Of course if they were vampires, you could also kill them, which you couldn't do with a knife or a gun. Only wood could stop the vampire heart permanently, which was why the fighting stick was the weapon of choice for vampires who wanted to hurt each other... and for vampire hunters. Jez grinned at Morgead, knowing it was not a particularly nice smile. Her feet whispered across the worn oak boards of the floor. She and Morgead had practiced here countless times, measuring themselves against each other, training themselves to be the best. And it had worked. They were both masters of this most deadly weapon. "Idiot!' Jez didn't have time to say that Claire couldn't help her: could only hurt her. The vampire had recovered and was moving toward her in fighting position. He was big, probably over two hundred pounds. And he was a full vampire, which gave him the advantage of strength and speed. And he was smarter than the 'wolves; he wasn't just going to lunge. And Jez didn't have a weapon. "Just keep behind me, okay?" she snarled under her breath to Claire. The vampire grinned at that. H e knew Jez was vulnerable. She was going to have to keep half her attention on protecting Claire. And then, just as he was about to make an attack, Jez heard the smack of footsteps on concrete. Running footsteps, with a weird little hesitation between them, like somebody with a limp... She flashed a look toward the stairs. Hugh had just rounded the top. He was out of breath and bleeding from cuts on his face. But as soon as he saw her and the vampire he waved his arms and yelled. "Hey! Ugly Undead! Your friend missed me! You want to have a try?" Hugh? Jez thought in disbelief. Fighting? "Come on, hey; I'm here; I'm easy." Hugh was hopping toward the vampire, who was also flashing looks at him, trying to assess this new danger while not taking his focus off Jez.